Thursday, 25 June 2015

VFR France Bretagne and FSX Steam Edition Compatibility

I have only just taken a route over Brittany to discover my VFR France scenery (version 1.1), does not seem to be working. I have tried disabling all my addon scenery and it is still broken. The files are sitting in the correct folder and in the scenery library, but the photo textures are not in the game. Things like harbours are there. Here is a screenshot of the approach to Quiberon:

I have tried un-installing them and re-installing them and to no effect. I can only conclude there is some compatibility problem with this scenery and the Steam Edition. The only one I have found so far. Would be interesting to know if version 2.0 of the scenery works. Still, I have a lot of addons installed and I am not sure I tested the scenery when I first installed it. It's a shame as I really liked the Bretagne Photo scenery.

Flying cross-country toward Quiberon, nice autogen but not Photo
So, I sent an email to France VFR support and they said yes it's not supported but recommended I try installing to a dummy folder (I pointed the installer at the old FSX folder, it requires at least the FSX.exe in the folder). This seemed to do the trick and Quiberon was back! Apparently version 2 of the scenery is compatible with Steam Edition.

Update: It is still not quite right as the Autogen is missing. When I try to add the Autogen, the Photo texture disappear!

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