Saturday, 13 June 2015

Sumburgh EGPB to Fair Isle EGEF, Shetland

This flight using my BN-2 Islander and ORBX FTX Scotland scenery. I was very impressed with the airport of Sumburgh, good detail, animations and AI traffic. I departed using runway 27 and flew direct to Fair Isle. One small glitch, while I was holding short of the runway waiting for Cessna to land, the Cessna landed and taxied right into my aircraft. Sumburgh has a VOR beacon (117.35).

Take-off from Sumburgh, Fair Isle visible in distance

It is a short 31 Mile flight roughly SSW to Fair Isle. I landed at Fair Isle on runway 24, the runway is bumpy and has an initial up slope, it's quite narrow and short (1762 ft). Some nice parked vehicles at he airport and animated people. Was definitely easier landing in the Islander than the Twin Ottter.

Landing on Fair Isle
If you really like this area, it may be worth investing in more detailed scenery for Sumburgh, which Orbx have released as a separate package.

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