Monday, 8 June 2015

Corsica VFR Scenery, Photo HD plus freeware

Corsica is a place I would love to visit in real life. It is a mountainous island in the Mediterranean Sea, a department of France (Corse). I already had some very good VFR scenery from FranceVFR, for North and South Brittany (Bretangne). I loaded up the France VFR Photo HD scenery for Corsica.

I was not too impressed, as it was mainly a flat photo scenery with very little 3D objects. I am using FSGenesis mesh, which provides adequate terrain mesh. I think this product integrates better with FranceVFR NextMESH. So I did a bit of research on YouTube and spotted some video that looks much better than the scenery I have, so I was wondering how they did it as there is no clue on the video.

After some hunting I find this French website that gives some freeware for updating the Photo scenery. I find it not easy to follow, but basically there is some addon scenery to download, unpack manually and copy into various addon scenery folders. Then manually add the areas to the FSX scenery library. Finally go to another website to download the military base Solenzara that seems to replace the quite empty LFKS airport.

After getting it all working (apart from the static aircraft which is beyond me), I find the frame rate takes quite a hit in the built up areas, so I drop some of my settings:

The results are quite impressive, though not quite as per the YouTube. I still need to get static aircraft on the Solenzara airport and some of the runways are quite elevated above the surrounding scenery.

AĆ©roport de Calvi, St Catherine

Nice autogen trees on the mountains

If anyone knows how to get the static aircraft parked on the Solenzara base, I would love to hear from you.

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