Sunday, 21 June 2015

FSX Steam Edition Upgrade

I just noticed that the Steam Edition is on special offer at the moment, so for 5 Euro I now have the Steam Edition. I downloaded it while I still have access to broadband as I may only be on 3G soon. Even by carefully following instructions to wipe my old FSX Gold/Acceleration install, I still must have had some left over bits that confused Steam Edition when it installed. The problem being, installing Addons, they were still looking in the old FSX folders. I kind of fixed things by running a special FSX registry fix, the result works, but it's a bit of a mix of FSX/FSX-SE folders. Very confusing where the actual scenery.cfg now lives, so I only update it via the program.

It took quite a while to re-install all my add-ons, but they mostly worked, although some required manually adding the scenery folder. This all going into my new 120GB SSD I also purchased. I probably could have done with a bigger one to be honest, but budget is tight. It does seem to improve the loading time significantly.

My impressions of Steam Edition, is it maybe has slightly better frame rate and not so many bugs e.g. the texture popping. Of course it also includes improved Multi-player and lower use of Virtual Address Space, so less Out Of Memory errors for those with lots of addons.

It has some annoying Steam things like the adverts and having to launch Steam, which then checks for updates. The Steam Client service sneakily will modify Windows Firewall settings if one attempts to block it, but it can be blocked by adding advanced rules in the Firewall to block steam.exe and the TCP/UDP port ranges (Google Steam ports).

I also added all the Steam URLs into Windows host file. I did this, as I cannot afford the 3G bandwidth to update the game or be bothered with the adverts. It's a shame Steam does not allow the user to control this, as FSX is mostly a single player game and should not require updating as a priority.

So this is the lines to add to the end of hosts file (c:/Windows/system32/drives/etc/hosts):
#August 2014 Update

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