Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Twin Otter approach to St Barts, TFFJ, FlyTampa

My favourite aircraft for island hopping is the Britten-Norman BN2 Islander and it is perfect for landing at St Barts, which is a very challenging runway to land on. Drift low over the trees and road on the hill and dive onto the runway, to avoid running of runway and ending up on the beach, or having to go around.

I have now upgraded my scenery for this area by using the excellent package for St Maarten, St Barts and Saba by FlyTampa.

It is much more detailed than the freeware package I was using and is quite frame rate friendly. It has excellent scenery for the small island of Saba and of course the famous runway of St Maarten, that takes big jets.

Landing on St Maarten, Princess Juliana International TNCM
I have trying the landing with my old DH6 Twin Otter, version 1.10 from Aerosoft, not the latest extended version as I cannot afford that yet. The Twin Otter is a faster aircraft than the islander, but has similar characteristics on lading on short runways. After a few attempts, I land fine, but I would say it's still easier in the Islander. Gustaff III runway is only 650 metres long, what makes it real difficult it the steep approach angle required and obscured runway, by the hill immediately before the threshold.

Finals in the Twin Otter, St Barts

Getting ready to land on Saba, Juancho E. Yrausquin TNCS

Some nice details on the Saba aiport scenery
Some YouTube links for the real world airport landings:

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