Friday, 5 June 2015

UK2000 VFR Airfields, Volume 1

Well I just installed VFR Airfields Volume one from UK2000 Scenery. The pack includes 78 airfields covering the southern part of England and Wales. Two of them I already had as part of the BN2 Islander package from Flight1 (Old Sarum and Bembridge). So I spent a lot of the day comparing some duplicate airports and airfields that I already had in freeware, and then removing them. There was nothing that I had that was better than what is included in VFR Airfields.

The fields blend well with my UTX and Ground Environment X and the frame rates are really good (with a few exceptions). I will start to post my explorations, but for now, I have a sample screenshot from St. Athan RAF base (EGDX) in South Wales. It's right next to Cardiff Airport. I flew there from Welshpool in my T45C Goshawk that I am warming to.

RAF St Athan
There are some sample airports included in two packs, one for the Volume 2 and one for Volume 3. Each of the sample packs have 8 airports from the full retail pack. There is no sample pack for Volume 1. The website also has reduced detail free versions of some of it's Xtreme airports series, including Jersey, which I have installed.

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