Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Best Freeware Aircraft

After reading some articles recommending best freeware aircraft, I downloaded a few to try out.

My first is the Boeing 757 Freemium from Just Flight. This is a class act, originally payware, now available free as a promotion. Also available on the website is livery for American Airlines, it comes with British Airways livery. At the moment this is my only custom Airliner, so I am very impressed.

Here is the 757 taking off from RAF Marham, custom scenery freeware from Just Flight:

I was looking for a good military freeware, and Dino Cattaneo is highly regarded designer, so tried out his  Boeing T45C Goshawk. Here I am taking off from EIKN Knock, the West Ireland Airport. You can find it by searching for Connaught in the City field when selecting a location. It's not obvious, as Connaught is in fact an Irish Province, not a city or town. Here I am using custom scenery for Knock airport:

The T54C looks great and has a good 3D virtual cockpit. I was a bit disappointed by it's handling, but I am not an expert, it does not seem to handle as well as the default F-18.

I downloaded Dino's Aermacchi 326 and this jet not only looks good, it seems to handle really well. This is the same aircraft that I used to see on approach at RAAF Pearce back in the 70's.

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