Thursday, 18 June 2015

Round the World flight, start Sligo, Ireland

I have been reading up on some round the world flight ideas, inspired by randomly exploring remote islands such as Easter Island, South Georgia, Kerguelen Islands, hulhule island (Maldives), Ascension, Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, Pitcairn Islands, Totegegie. So I come up with an idea to fly around the world, mostly Southern Hemisphere and link up with some of my installed scenery.

Having to chose aircraft, I am looking for one with a good range for the long distance legs between islands. I chose the Carenado Beechcraft B200 King Air. I am also going to alternate with the Carenado A36 Bonanza, as I really like flying this little one.

I am starting in Sligo, as it is the nearest airport to where I live, giving me a chance to test out my recently installed Orbx Ftx Ireland scenery. The freeware airport I have for Sligo is still an improvement over the one included in FTX. I have to say I am dissapointed that some of the landmark mountains in this area are not well represented, Benbulben and Benwiskin.

I fly over to North Ireland, Enniskillen, then head south to Abbeyshrule Aerodrome EIAB (no landing), then fly east to Casement Airbase EIME on the edge of the Wicklow Mountains. I chose this route to familiarise myself with the navigation systems.

First Leg, flying out from Sligo in Beech Bonanza 19 June 2015
From Casement, I am flying King Air to Holyhead and landing at Caernarfon EGCK.

Taxiing to parking at Caernarfon (FTX Wales)
For maps, I have found a great free resource at University of Texas Libraries, where there is an extensive collection of high quality Tactical Pilotage Charts.

I am flying in real-time, for the moment using fair weather settings and quite realistic light model.

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