Saturday, 13 June 2015

Best Freeware aircraft, IRIS F-20 Tigershark

I just found this one, it's ex-payware from IRIS Simulations. The Northrop F-20D Tigershark Prototype.

It's got a really nice flight model, high maximum speed and very friendly on frame rates.

The F-20 was developed from the F5E Tiger II, but never went into production due to changing of export regulations favouring the F-16. It has a top speed of 2,414 km/h.

Three models are added to SimObjects folder, F-20C, F-20D and F-20D AGILE (thrust vectoring).

I have been flying the RAF paint job, No. 63 Squadron based at Chivenor. You can see the model on YouTube on P3D. There is a total of 19 paint jobs to chose from. Select "IRIS Simulations" on the publisher dropdown list. I definitely find this handles more realistically and easier to land than the Goshawk T45, which seems to oscillate at low approach speeds. It also is now my fastest aircraft, much faster than the Acceleration pack F-18.

Takeoff from Lossiemouth, Orbx Scotland

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