Monday, 7 December 2015

VFR-1 Thame/Aylesbury Airfield EGTA, RAF Haddenham

Today I was taking a look at a couple of airfields near the Chilterns in England. They are part of UK2000 VFR Airfields, Volume 1. Loading the flight file "VFR-1 Thame" takes us to a Cessna 172 parked at the airfield. From there it is a short flight east to RAF Halton, which is right next to a static airship in the sky.

Thame airfield on FSX
Parked at Thame

The airfield is no longer operational, but was RAF Haddenham, named after the Buckinghamshire village it is next to. RAF Halton (EGWN), is another small grass strip. Both airfield have some static gliders and a few hangars, that closely resemble the real-life photos.

Flyover of Thame airfield on FSX
Fly over Thame airfield
Haddenham was first used as a glider training facility during the Second World War and after the war was home to Airtech, a company that serviced and customised aircraft from all over the world. In recent years the small airstrip is home to the Upward Bound Trust, a charity that provides glider training for young people.

Finals at RAF Halton on FSX
Approaching RAF Halton

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