Monday, 21 December 2015

Chivenor, EGDC,Royal Marines Base, North Devon, UK

Chivenor is an airbase on the outskirts of Braunton village on the north coast of Devon in England. It is another place I have been lucky to live. For many years it was a Royal Air Force base, but in 1995 was transferred to the Royal Marines. It was active in the Second World War and after has had Hawker Hunter and BAe Hawks. It still is a base for Sea Rescue helicopters (Sea King) and Hercules.

Hawker Hunter takeoff from Chivenor (VFR1 + FTX England)
Marines train on the nearby Braunton Burrows and Saunton Sands. Today I have been flying AlphaSim Hawker Hunter, takeoff from Chivenor, fly over Barnstaple and then out to Saunton Sands.
I was comparing the default scenery to that provided by Orbx FTX England combined with UK2000 VFR-1 Airfields. As you can see by the following screenshots, UK2000 Airfield is better than the one included in FTX England. FTX England is a huge improvement over the default countryside, towns and coastal scenery. It actually includes the new road bridge over the River Taw at Barnstaple. The scenery of Barnstaple, Braunton Burrows and the coast is quite accurate.

Barnstaple, FTX England
Fly over Chivenor and Braunton toward Saunton
Over Saunton Golf Course and Braunton Burrows
FTX England airfield

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