Thursday, 10 December 2015

Follow Me Car

I do not have free camera mod and wanted to take some screenshots while exploring round some of my airports. It is pretty hard to find a good road vehicle for FSX and I could not find any payware. I wanted something that was simple to install and fits in with the airport environment.

I found this yellow "follow me" car, that appears to be a VW Transporter. Very easy to install, just unzip and copy the folder to the "SimObjects/Airplanes" folder. I took it out for a run at Kathmandu airport and managed to get to 100 Knots on the main runway, but it has very slow acceleration.

It does not turn very well either, but looks the part and was useful for driving around taking some screenshots of the airport details.

The car is available for download here.

Here is the car driving around Kathmandu airport:

Follow Me car, Kathmandu
Follow Me at Kathmandu Tribhuvan VNKT airport

It does not seem to have a panel for interior view mode, so I drove it 3rd person. Not the best car maybe, but it is quite acceptable. No reverse gear!

A better scenery for driving around is Gibraltar X, where I stopped to fill up with fuel:

Follow Me car, Gibraltar on FSX
Stopping for fuel on Gibraltar, they drive on the right over here

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