Saturday, 12 December 2015

RAF Marham EGYM, Freeware Scenery

This airbase is just south-east of King's Lynn in Norfolk, UK. It is a Royal Air Force base, home of   No. 138 Expeditionary Air Wing (138 EAW), Panavia Tornado's GR4/GR4A. It has been an air base since 1916, was home to the V-bomber force and has one of the few runways able to accommodate the B-52 strategic bomber. The UK fleet of F-35B Joint Strike Fighter aircraft will be based at RAF Marham from 2018.

RAF Marham
AlphaSim Hawker Hunter overfly
Actual aerial view of RAF Marham
JustFlight provide a nice packaged free download of the scenery, made by the Airfield Construction Group.

It is one of my favourite RAF sceneries, as it is very detailed, with a lot of hardened aircraft shelters.
RAF Marham on FSX
AlphaSim Hawker Hunter, takeoff from RAF Marham

RAF Marham on FSX
AlphaSim Hawker Hunter, post takeoff from RAF Marham

Compare the control tower with the actual one:

RAF Marham Control Tower FSX

The only issue I have is trying to get the AI aircraft on the ground. I have no aircraft even after downloading and installing the MWAI package. I think it needs conversion from FS9 and some tweaking. I also am using MyTraffic 2013, so not sure if that is an issue.

Update: I have one Tornado GR4 on parking, check it out in this screenshot below:

AlphaSim Tornado F3
AlphaSim Tornado F3 with GR1 Traffic in parking

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