Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Free German airfield scenery, Wasserkuppe by Aerosoft

Aerosoft sell a very good range of German Airfields in sets available for download from their website, as an example, the excellent German Airfields 1, Island Hopping. This set includes 15 detailed airfields in and around the Frisian Island chain in the North-East of Germany.

Taxiing to the take-off at Wasserkuppe
They also provide a free example of their work, for the Wasserkuppe airfield on the highest peak of the  Rhön Mountains. The grass strip airfield is used by light aircraft and gliders. The immediate area of the airfield is used for skiing.

Buildings around the initial parking location at Wasserkuppe
This custom scenery includes accurate and well modelled buildings on the summit, including the Radar Dome. Select the scenery in Free Flight by choosing Wasserkuppe as the city and then "Wasserkuppe NEU" as the airfield. The original Wasserkuppe will park the aircraft below the surface of the runway! The ID for this field is EDS8, do not use the ICAO code of EDER, as it has the location anomaly.

Takeoff in winter in Bf109, ski-lift is not visible

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