Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Lakenheath Airbase EGUL

The scenery here is UK2000 VFR Airfields Volume 2, which I believe is the original version as there is now an updated Version 2. The screenshots are from a Saab J37 Viggen, which is free ex-payware by AlphaSim (now Virtavia)

Saab Viggen at Lakenheath airbase FSX

Lakenheath airbase is mainly a US airbase operating 48th Fighter Wing F15 Eagle air superiority fighters. In the second World War, it was used as a backup base for Mildenhall due to Luftwaffe bombing campaign and also setup as a decoy to divert bombing from Mildenhall, which is very close.

Saab Viggen lined up on Lakenheath  runway

Aerial view of Lakenheath airbase FSX
Aerial view of Lakenheath with Mildenhall in the background
From the Aerial view, notice the 9 hole golf course located within the airbase, the village of Lakenheath should be be right behind the golf course, but is missing from this scenery.

Breckland Pines Golf Course located on the airbase

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