Wednesday, 23 September 2015

KAJO, Corona Municipal Airport, Corona, California

This is part of the North American freeware pack 1 by ORBX. I took a short flight from KAJO to Los Alamitos Army Airfield, which is just east of Long Beach airport. It's an easy VFR flight, following route 91and the Santa Ana River, flying through the gap in Chino Hills State Park and Sierra Peak. Corona Airport is a small municipal airport with a single east/west runway (25 and 7). It is surrounded by forest to the north and west, Lake Mathews to the South-East and some hills just west. The airport scenery has a lot of hangars and static light aircraft.

Flying out after a good breakfast at Corona Airpot Cafe
Some nice animated ground crew near the refuelling station
I am using the freeware with with Aerosoft's Los Angeles X scenery. A good landmark en-route is the Angel Stadium of Anaheim after the Santa Ana river turns SSW. From there I follow the grid road system directly west to Los Alamitos, that is visible just before the ocean at Long Beach. Runway 22L is the main runway. There are some static Black Hawk helicopters parked pretty much where they are visible on the Google Satellite view.

Route through the pass following 91
On final approach to Los Alamitos, Long Beach in the background
Quite a nice little airport in an area, worth exploring. Does not hit the frame rate too bad either. Lots of interesting static touches around the airport including static aircraft, mobile homes and the cafe.

Static aircraft and mobile home behind the runway

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