Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Aerosoft Free Alcatraz scenery

Famous as a prison island, it is now a National Park, located in San Francisco Bay.

Take a look on the Aerosoft Website and you will find a small download:,,D00001

This 5.4MB download shows the small island in good detail. I flew around it in a Bell Ranger helicopter, but not many suitable landing spots. There is also a version for FS2004. This scenery does work well with Steam Edition.

It's quite a nice improvement over the default scenery and a fairly small download.

The island is best approached from Oakland International Airport and is approximately NW of the airport between the Golden Gate Bridge and the Rote 80 road bridge. It is a little closer to fly from Alemeda Naval Air Station KNGZ. Attempting to land on the island, the chopper sinks below land and buildings and does not collision detect. But then what to expect from a free offering?

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