Friday, 2 September 2016

Taxi2Gate KSEA Seattle Tacoma Elevation Issues

I today bought Taxi2gate KSEA Seattle International airport, as it should compliment the Orbx FTX Pacific Fjords scenery. Unfortunately on loading a flight, it is apparent there are some severe elevation issues with the airport in conflict with FTX Global Vector.

To fix this, first make sure the KSEA scenery is in top priority position in the scenery list:

Then in Explorer, locate the Orbx/FTX_VECTOR folder which is in the root folder of Flight Simulator. Run the configuration tool (FTX GLOBAL VECTOR Configuration Tool.exe).

Select the tab "Airport Elevation Corrections" and then click the button "Run Auto-configuration" and once complete the Apply button. Check KSEA is in the corrections disabled list and exit.

On loading the airport, we can now see the elevation issues are fixed.

Taxi2Gate KSEA Seattle International Airport

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