Sunday, 4 September 2016

JustFlight Battle of Britain Hurricane Special

I just noticed the Hurricane is on special at Just Flight at the moment. Ufortunately not on Steam, as I already have the Me109 and Spitfire on Steam, so this completes my collection at Euro 18.95 it's not cheap but it's not a bad price. I like it as it's simple and flys well, just jump in and fly! The Merlin engine sound is fantastic and it's very manoeuvrable. I took my first flight from Orbx Shoreham, which hosts air-shows and was sadly where a Hurricane crashed in 2007, killing the pilot. There is a full review of the trio at Mutley's Hangar.

Hurricane takeoff from Shoreham EGKA
I personally prefer this addon to the First Class Hurricane, it's easier to fly! The clincher for me was I could pay with my Paypal balance and download it.

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