Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Orbx Caloundra to Brisbane via Redcliffe

Caloundra in South Queensland is an area I am familiar with from a long holiday I had a few years ago. So to test my new PC out, I made a flight from Caloundra YCDR to Brisbane (both Orbx sceneries) and via the freeware scenery of Orbx Redcliffe. It's a pretty scenic flight in a Cessna 172.

Takeoff from Caloundra
Caloundra is giving me nearly 40 frames per second with Ultra High settings and some clouds, I loop around and head south toward Brisbane, with first flying back over the airfield to see some detail of hangars and static aircraft.
Caloundra hangers and static aircraft
The Caloundra scenery includes surrounding photoreal scenery of the town and beaches of Caloundra as can be seen below.

A quick stop-off at the Orbx freeware scenery of Redcliffe.

Redcliffe freeware
It's a short flight now to Brisbane YBBN. There is quite a lot of surrounding detail at this airport, including ships and docks. It does hit the frame rate really hard.

Approaching Brisbane Airport

Brisbane is the third busiest airport in Australia by aircraft movements and serves South Queensland area. The airport is a major hub for Virgin and a secondary hub for Qantas.

Domestic terminal and static aircraft at Brisbane

International terminal at Brisbane
Oil Refinery near the mouth of the Brisbane river

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