Monday, 19 December 2016

Havana Airport MUHA, Cuba

Cuba is in a convenient location between the Caribbean islands and Florida USA. Cuba has 4 civil airports currently covered by commercial airport scenery and published by Taxi2Gate.

Havana is the capital city and the airport is José Martí International, (ICAO MUHA). The airport is a single runway, located 15km southwest of Havana city.

Havana MUHA Chart
Landing at Havana MUHA
It is not a very big or detailed airport, but it is a convenient stop off between United States and the Caribbean islands. I am using Orbx Global, I have seen some elevation issues in the Taxi2Gate Cuba airports, some of which are evident on the screenshots on simMarket. Havana seems fine evelvation wise, and it fits in with the global scenery, but there is some issue with the fire station building as mentioned in a detailed review.

Parked outside Domestic Terminal 1
International Terminal 2
International Terminal 3
Customs Terminal
Some international static traffic
Local static traffic
I took a short flight from Havana to Varadero HUVR, which is just along the coast to the west surrounded by forest and also published by Taxi2Gate.

Havana City default scenery

Havana airport is available at simMarket.

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