Thursday, 14 April 2016

Lajes field LPLA, Azores

Taking a bit more of an in-depth look at TropicalSim's LPLA scenery, which includes the dual civil/military airport of Lajes Field and the surrounding scenery of Terceira Island. Terceira Island is a small mid-Atlantic island of the Azores archipelago. It is actually one of the larger ones, roughly in the middle of the group. TropicalSim provide scenery covering all the islands and can be bought in packs or individually. Lajes Field is interesting as it combines a mility airbase and a civil airport. The runway is 33/15 with a length of 3314m (10873ft) and elevation of 55m (180ft).
Lajes Field Diagram
The military part is base to both the Portuguese air-force and the United States air-force. The island is at a strategically important place, but with mid-air refuelling, the airbase has become less used in recent years,

Aeriel view of the actual Airport
Lajes Island is about 400 square kilometres (155 square miles), 30km x 19.5km. It's highest point is Serra de Santa B├írbara at 1021m (3350ft).

Terceira Island Map
The frame-rate is good, with 35-40 fps with my iFly 737NG. The scenery settings are below:

Here is the iFly 737NG on takeoff with the military static aircraft in the background:

iFly737NG on takeoff at LPLA
And the Carenado Cessna 172 parked up in front of some detailed buildings:

C172 parked in front of airport buidlings

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